A 9 years old girl run from foster care with blood in her face




This is the face of  a 9 years old girl having run from her foster carer after having a “mysterious” accident and we can see blood running from her lips.

Her eyes are tired and sad her  soul is saying “PLEASE HELP”.

Foster carers are receiving £400 per child per week, acting more like prison officer rather than protecting the children in their care.

This child , after having run to her family home, the police went and they took her back to the foster care.

Social services are punishing the child for having the courage to run away from the abusive foster home.

Children in foster care are often abused by the foster carers physically, emotionally and even sexually.
Social services are always covering up.
Like Jonas, the 4 years old down syndrome boy who was snatched by his parents arms healthy and died in the foster care. Somerset social services not only failed to apologies to Jonas parents, but they been arrogant trying to cover up his death caused by criminal negligence.

Look the face of this 9 years old girl. Blood runs from her face.
Look the eyes of this 9 years old girl Tired, sad, seeking help.

Will this child survive? God knows. We pay she will.

The callous social workers they will do anything to silence this child, and then lame her injuries on “accident”.

100,000 children are today in foster care suffering emotional abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse.

Judges are ignoring te suffering of these children. In fact the Judges will send in prison the parents of these victims if they dare to speak out.

Social workers will receive bonus for allowing these children to be harmed and tortured by evil and unscrupulous foster carers, whoa main priority is to receive £400 per child per week letting out their spare bedroom.

This is a genocide on http://www.lungomareoakland.com/order/ large proportions, and before the Hypocrites in power criticize Syria, and Russia they should look at the genocide in United Kingdom.

We have the evidence, the photos and the videos.

Just take a lok on this 9 years old girl after she run away from her abusive foster carer.

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